NEW Quality HealthCare Mobile App

Quality HealthCare Mobile App -Redefine your Digital Healthcare Experience


The brand new Quality HealthCare mobile app aims to bring convenience and one-stop healthcare experience to every citizen of Hong Kong. By using our app, customers can line up for GP visits or make appointments with our health professionals anytime and anywhere. While obtaining professional and reliable health information verified by our doctors, customers can also directly purchase various healthcare products from the QHMS eShop.  

Key features of our App include:

- Video Consultation NEW
- Virtual Workshop NEW
- E-Ticketing for General Practice

- E-Booking
- eShop
- Health Information

- Find Clinic 
- Latest Updates

Mobile App Enquiry Hotline: 8102 8068

Key Feature - Video Consultation and Drug Delivery


Video Consultation and Drug Delivery:

Our brand new mobile app gives you a convenient one-stop experience from E-Booking, video consultation, to prescription drug delivery service. With the service that covers the areas of general practice, specialty, mental health (including psychiatric and psychological service), dietetics and dedicated dental service. Our health professional is ready to look after your health at any time. Customers who complete the video consultation before a specific time can also enjoy same-day drug delivery. The comprehensive coverage allows you to simply stay home and enjoy the benefits brought by our new digital healthcare experience.


Main Features - Virtual Workshop


Virtual Workshop:

Our tailor-made health video and live webinar allows you to obtain information related to western medicine, Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, dietetics, etc., at your fingertips. The over-100 free and infotaining videos, verified by our professional healthcare team, help to clarify health myths and look after your body and soul in the most thoughtful and caring way.

Key Feature - E-Ticketing​​



Quality HealthCare has launched the e-Ticketing service in over 30 Western Medicine clinics. Whether at home or in office, you can easily search for GP doctors nearby through our mobile app and get an e-Ticket instantly. With this new service, making a medical appointment has never been easier!


Key Feature - E-Booking​​



In order to suit your busy schedules, you can make appointments through our mobile app with our medical specialists  (the QHMS specialist teams cover over 20 kinds of specialty services as well as dental, traditional Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, health screening, nursing services, etc., anytime and anywhere.

Key Feature - eShop​​



At QHMS, your health is always our priority. Apart from providing health screening, vaccines, traditional Chinese medicine, medical aesthetics, dental, physiotherapy, and mental health services that help to safeguard your health, our eShop also offers a variety of health foods and supplements, smart health devices, and rehabilitation products for your choice. Become our member today and enjoy shopping privileges that look after your overall health.

Key Feature - Health Information​​


Health Information​​:

Our app provides health information on different topics. Personalized and approved by our professional healthcare team, the information is reliable and trustworthy.

Key Feature - Searching for Clinics and Medical Professionals


Searching for Clinics and Medical Professionals:

Quality HealthCare operates over 120 medical centres. Our GPS function allows you to search for clinics and medical professionals nearby with ease. With the latest feature of “My Favourite” that allows you to add your frequently-searched medical professional to the list, e-Ticketing and e-Booking have never been made easier!

Key Feature - Latest Updates


Latest Updates:

Our latest updates provide you with notifications on the e-ticketing service for general practice, booking status, reminders for prescription pick-up, latest promotional offers, health information, etc.