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Latest News

24 May 2017
QHMS awarded “Best Integrated Healthcare Clinics”

​QHMS has been awarded “Best Integrated Healthcare Clinics” by Singaporean magazine Global Health and Travel for the second consecutive year, in recognition of our outstanding achievement in Healthcare services in East Asian market. We will continue our commitment to providing professional, one-stop healthcare solutions for our patients with a caring and consistent patient experience.
17 May 2017
Special arrangement of the opening hours on the 20th of May 2017

​Because of annual company event, there are special arrangements on opening hours of our medical centres on the  20th of May 2017. For details, please refer to the details page of each centre​​​​.​
16 May 2017
Quality HealthCare announced ‘Colorectal Cancer Screening Pilot Program’ data study

​Quality HealthCare conducted an analysis of the ‘Colorectal Cancer Screening Pilot Program’ with data as at 31 March this year and found high percentages of positive fecal occult blood test results from the first phases (aged 69-71) and second phase (aged 66 to 68 years) participants.  From our 2016 internal data, 5.29% of men aged 60 or above were tested positive in the same test, while the percentage for women was slightly higher at 5.36%, showing that colorectal cancer was not a disease only targeted on men.

Quality HealthCare encourages eligible men and women to participate in the Program for Colorectal Cancer Screening as early as possible. Although for the time being, the Program only covers those born between 1946 and 1951, based on this study and clinical experience, it is recommended that those aged 50 or above should still be regularly checked for early treatment.

For details please click here for the press release (Chinese version only).

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