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16 Jul 2018
The latest issue of Health Affairs is released: Gratitude is the key to happiness

​In the summertime, nothing is better than going on vacations and enjoying outdoor activities with family and friends in the sun. This issue of Health Affairs covers a wide range of health issues related to the season.

We invited the Secretary General of Hong Kong Red Cross, Bonnie So, to share stories about her humanitarian work in the Cover Story. Those indelible impressions not only changed the course of So’s career, but also prompt us to reflect on our lives, to understand that gratitude is, indeed, the key to happiness.
Summer is the peak season for travelling and outdoor activities, where accidents may occur unexpectedly; therefore, we should always be prepared for what may happen. A registered phycologist helps with tips on accident management and trauma prevention.
Iced desserts are always welcomed treats in summer. This issue comes with two healthy and tasty recipes for you to relax in hot weather: Winter Melon Jelly with Mung Bean Toppings and Avocado Yogurt Ice-cream.
If you are a lover of seas, do not miss the feature on sup yoga - challenging, but definitely good for losing weight.
Many ladies love to polish their nails in summer, but are the chemical ingredients involved harmful to your health? As for our male readers, have you ever thought of how to reduce sweating and body odor?
Summer topics aside, we have some cool facts about voice protection and tips on vocal health from our specialist in otorhinolaryngology. Meanwhile, in the Green Life column, we reveal how using baking powder for everyday cleaning can protect your home from chemicals.
Copies are available at our medical centres. You can also browse the e-version online. Happy reading! (Chinese version only)
27 Jun 2018
Chinese Medicine now available at Exchange Tower, Kowloon Bay

Our integrated medical centre at Exchange Tower, Kowloon Bay now provides Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services, in addition to existing Western Medicine and health screening services. Our comprehensive TCM services include acupuncture, bone-setting, tuina massage and cupping treatments. Professional pain relief for shoulders and neck is also provided. This new addition to the medical centre benefits those working in the emerging business district.

Please click here to learn more about the centre.
27 Jun 2018
Quality HealthCare Mobile App takes home two trophies from Asia eCommerce Awards

Quality HealthCare Mobile App received two awards in the Asia eCommerce Awards 2018: the Best Mobile Ecomm Campaign - Gold Award and the Best App Experience - Sliver Award!

The Awards honour top-notch innovations and campaigns the e-commerce industry has to offer in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. Featuring a number of industry firsts in Hong Kong, the award-winning QHMS Mobile App is not only a testament to our pioneering digital services, but also yet another example of our commitment in customer experience and service excellence. Our project team is continuously working on further enhancements to enrich services and functions available on the App. QHMS is looking forward to initiating a digital healthcare revolution and bringing the new experience to more people in Hong Kong.

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