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Latest News
27 Apr 2017
QHMS awarded Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand for 7 consecutive years

​QHMS received Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award – Platinum Award for 7 consecutive years. The award is presented in recognition of the quality service delivered by our health check centres and the consumer approval and trust for the QHMS brand.​
15 Apr 2017
The latest issue of Health Affairs is released!

​Parents may feel quite at a loss to face the possibility of their children developing certain health conditions at various growth stages. We explore various children health issues and provide useful advice through this issue of Health Affairs.

There’s a rising prevalence of myopia for Hong Kong Children. Our ophthalmologist explains the importance of early eye examination, while our registered Chinese Medicine practitioner believes myopia is related to impaired liver function and thereby introduces a variety of corresponding food therapy and acupressure. To fit the needs of infants and toddlers, our registered dietitian educates readers about dietary planning for children and recommends 10 nutritious foods suitable for them. Genomic testing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Our Executive Medical Director gives an introduction on types and usages of such tests for you to have a better understanding of this innovative technology.

In addition, this issue of Health Affairs also covers topics like asthma, summer fever in children, dental care and sun protection tips to help you in your parenting journey. Be a confident and happy parent! 

Copies are available at our medical centres, or you can browse the e-version online. Happy reading!
5 Apr 2017
Health Affairs Reader Survey Lucky Draw - Winner Announcement

​Thank you for our readers’ participation in the Health Affairs Reader Survey which ends on 22 Mar 2017.

Congratulations to the below winner who is entitled to a basic Health Check-up (valued at HK$920)!


The winner will be informed of the arrangement within two weeks. For enquiries please contact Marketing and Corporate Communications at 2975 2684.

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