Latest News

Latest News
13 Feb 2017
Exclusive Offers for American Express® Cards
​Quality Healthcare brings you the first offer this year to start a wellness lifestyle! From now until 30 April, you can enjoy up to 43% off upon purchase of selected Health Check-up, Vaccination and Chinese medicine services with American Express. Let’s access and achieve the greater health! Please click here​ for more details.

6 Feb 2017
Quality HealthCare’s Participations in the Public-Private Partnership Programs

​As one of the largest private healthcare providers in Hong Kong, Quality HealthCare has been committed to support the Government’s policy through various public-private partnership programs, which alleviate burden on the public healthcare system by offering quality medical services to the public.

For details about Quality HealthCare’s participations in the public-private partnership programs, please refer to the below webpage:
19 Jan 2017
​Special arrangement of the opening hours during Lunar New Year Holidays
​On Lunar New Year's Eve and Lunar New Year Holidays, there are special arrangements on opening hours of our medical centres. For details, please refer to the details page​ of each centre .
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