Public Private Partnership


The Power of Public-Private Partnerships

As one of the largest private healthcare providers in Hong Kong, Quality HealthCare has been committed to supporting the Government’s policy through various public-private partnership programs, which alleviate burden on the public healthcare system by offering quality medical services to the public.

In view of the challenges faced by the public health system, the Hong Kong government has been actively promoting public-private partnerships (PPP) over the past decade. Quality HealthCare published a report which looks at what makes an effective PPP, reviews Hong Kong’s experience with PPP programmes, and outlines recommendations for two new PPPs - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Common Mental Disorders (CMD), which will potentially help to save billions in hospital acute care costs by 2037. 

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Childhood & Elderly "Influenza Vaccination Subsidy Scheme", Department of Health

In Hong Kong, influenza usually peaks from January to March and from July to August. It takes about 2 weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in our body. It is important to vaccine early for protection.

Eligible Hong Kong residents are entitled to Government subsidy per dose of seasonal influenza vaccination received from private doctors enrolled in the Scheme. Quality HealthCare supports the Scheme every year to help safeguard the health of children and elders.

Link to Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health


"Colorectal Cancer Screening Program", Department of Health

Often asymptomatic and unnoticeable, Colorectal Cancer is one of the most common cancers in Hong Kong. The Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme is launched to subsidise asymptomatic Hong Kong residents and high-risk groups to undergo screening tests for the prevention of colorectal cancer. Starting from 1st Jan 2020, more people will benefit from the programme as its coverage will be extended to people aged 50 to 75.

Quality HealthCare has been supporting the Programme fully with over 70 general practitioners and 9 specialists registered to provide faecal occult blood tests (FOBT) and colonoscopy examinations in more than 25 medical centres, along with 3 day care centres in Tsim Sha Tsui and Central.

List of enrolled doctors from Department of Health


"Health Care Voucher Scheme", Department of Health

Under the scheme, elders aged 70 or above receive $2,000 health care voucher annually. Unspent vouchers can be carried forward and accumulated up to $4,000.

All eligible medical professionals under Quality HealthCare, including general practitioners, specialists, registered Chinese medicine practitioners, physiotherapists, and dentists and nurses, are enrolled in the Health Care Voucher Scheme. Our medical centres allow convenient use of health care vouchers that elders are encouraged to make frequent use for both curative and preventive healthcare services.

Government Health Care Voucher Scheme


"General Outpatient Clinic Public-private Partnership Program", Hospital Authority

The program is launched to provide choices to clinically stable patients with hypertension and/ or diabetes mellitus (with or without hyperlipidemia) for private primary care services.

Over 35 general practitioners under Quality HealthCare in nearly 20 clinics have taken part in the program. Quality HealthCare has also launched the “GOPC Supplementary Formulary Program” to include 19 drugs (lipid-regulating drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, antibiotics, antifungal drugs and anti-inflammatory painkillers, etc) besides the current drug list providing more appropriate drug choices and higher convenience and flexibility of primary care.

Link to Hospital Authority

"Radi Collaboration Project", Hospital Authority

Cancer patients under the care of Hospital Authority who fulfill specific clinical criteria can be referred to the private sector for radiological diagnostic examinations as part of their cancer care.

By a formal assessment, Quality HealthCare Diagnostic & Imaging Centre has met prescribed requirements to provide computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services to patients under this Project.

Link to Hospital Authority


"Colon Assessment Public-private Partnership Program", Hospital Authority

The Program aims to help eligible patients who are currently on the waiting list for colonoscopy examinations in public hospitals, classified as stable cases, and fit for home bowel preparation and colonoscopy under ambulatory setting, to receive subsidy for related services from private specialists.

Quality HealthCare fully supports this program, with 8 related specialists enrolled to provide clinical assessment, colonoscopy examinations and explanation of results to patients, so that they can receive colonoscopy and appropriate treatment as early as possible.

Link to Hospital Authority


"Elderly Dental Assistance Expanded Program", Community Care Fund

Elders aged 75 or above who have received Old Age Living Allowance in the recent 3 months consecutively and did not use Community Care Fund subsidized elderly dental services or take part in the outreach dental care program for the elderly by the Department of Health can join this program for dental services.

Quality HealthCare Dental supports this Program, with over 10 dentists in nearly 10 clinics providing free removable dentures and other related dental services (including oral exam, teeth scaling, fillings, tooth removal and X-ray).​

Link to Hong Kong Dental Association, only in Chinese