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Latest News
20 Sep 2018
HSBC Credit Card Red Hot Wellness Privilege

​From 15th Sept to 31st Dec 2018, HSBC Credit Cardholders can enjoy up to 50% off discount for designated Quality HealthCare physical check-up plans, lifestyle products, Chinese medicine and vaccination services! 

Please click here for more details. Affairs whats new 201810.jpg
16 Oct 2018
The Latest Issue of Health Affairs Is Out: Parenting - a Lifelong Journey
Cover Story: Feature interview with Skye Chan 

Q ∙ Advice: Increased prevalence of heart diseases among young generations: Hidden risks of congenital heart disease; Influenza: Facts or Fallacies?

Healthy Recipe: Stewed rice with fresh yam and red dates; Cheese pie with fig and raspberry

Green Life: “Take your litter home” - Zero waste hiking

Health Guide: Can Chinese herbal steam treatment help weight loss? The health risk of ball pits

Q ∙ Care: Caring story from our General Practitioner Dr. Cheung Man Kei Kevin

Fit Power: Prepare for your next ski trip: indoor skiing training 

Copies are available at our medical centres. You can also browse the e-version here. Happy reading! (Chinese version only)
9 Oct 2018
Quality HealthCare Won the HKMA Gold Awards for Excellence in Training and Development 2018
Quality HealthCare has always been dedicated to staff training not only to cope with business development, but also to fulfill the public’s demand for medical services. In 2017, we recorded over 3 million visits. This would not have been possible without professional human resources management, which improves the quality of medical services and ensures sustainable business development.
From March 2017, Quality HealthCare launched a 9-month “People management” training programme. Creative elements were added to enhance the effectiveness of learning; for instance, new virtual reality (VR) technology was incorporated into problem solving courses to make learning fun and engaging. Field visits to various locations and networking events among various departments helped boost the confidence, skills and engagement of front line staff. The success of the programme was evident from the stronger talent mobility - upon programme completion, 90% of the participants took up a more advanced/expanded role in the career ladder of the company .
The Gold Awards for Excellence in Training and Development 2018 from Hong Kong Management association is a great recognition of our “People management” programme.

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