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25 Dec 2018
Regarding the temperature deviation of one of the pharmaceutical fridges in Quality HealthCare Mongkok-Wai Fung Plaza medical centre

​Temperature deviation was found from a pharmaceutical fridge in the daily routine check on the morning of 13 December 2018. The same checking was done before the closure of the captioned centre on 12 December 2018 when the temperature was in the normal range. A total of 391 shots of vaccines stored in the affected fridge were immediately quarantined. No vaccine from the batch has been given to any patient.

The Central Pharmacy of Quality HealthCare took immediate actions including following the normal procedures in making enquiries to the respective pharmaceutical companies in regards to the quality and efficacy of the affected vaccines. We are pending replies from all companies to make appropriate arrangement. Those vaccines deemed condemned will be disposed of according to our protocol.

We assure that this is an isolated case. Quality HealthCare has always adhered to strict clinical governance to safeguard patient safety. The case is currently under investigation. All the 391 affected vaccines are currently quarantined, and no batch has been reused. 

Quality HealthCare is following the established clinical procedures. The other pharmaceutical fridge in the Mongkok-Wai Fung Plaza medical centre is under normal operation, and all clinical and vaccination services are not interrupted.
28 Nov 2018
All Influenza Vaccines Used in QHMS Medical Centres Are Procured from GSK

Regarding to the latest issue of flu vaccine, all the influenza vaccines currently being used in Quality HealthCare centres are procured by our central pharmacy. The current brand of quadrivalent influenza vaccine is Fluarix Tetra® which is manufactured by GSK in Germany,  NOT by Sanofi in France. Customer who have taken quadrivalent influenza vaccine at Quality HealthCare centres can be rest assured of the quality standard.   

Quality HealthCare always put our customers front and centre. We have been monitoring the stock level and deploying vaccines to centres, and keeping close communication with GSK so to make appropriate arrangements according to the vaccine supply of the manufacturer. At present, Influenza vaccines have been reserved for customers who have prepaid. 408.jpg
30 Nov 2018
MoneyBack Members Year-Round Wellness Privilege

​MoneyBack members can enjoy a special year-round privilege upon purchase of selected physical check-ups, medical aesthetics and eye examinations products offered by Quality HealthCare.

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