Latest News

Latest News
23 May 2019
New Launch of “Thematic Health Screening”

​To provide you with personalised health examinations, Quality HealthCare has launched health screenings with different themes, including Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Sexual Health, Cardiovascular Health, Cancer Screening, Eye Examination, Elderly Health Check-up, Pre-marital Check-up and Domestic Helper Check-up. Each health screening covers different features that best suit your needs, so that you can have a good grip of your health.

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23 May 2019
Quality HealthCare and Bupa Join Swire Properties to Launch “Discover Taikoo Place”

Quality HealthCare and Bupa join Swire Properties to co-organize the 4-week wellness campaign “Discover Taikoo Place” in May. Recently, an 8-hour corporate wellness spinathon challenge was specially organized to raise funds for Mind Hong Kong for the promotion of mental health. A dedicated team of physiotherapists and dietitians from Quality HealthCare was on site to provide ancillary health services to the participants, such as muscle strength test and body fat screening. We have also sponsored the prizes for the top 3 contestants of the challenge.

From now on to 31st May, a series of free Strength & Spirit workshop run by Bupa will take place at Taikoo Place office community, including energy bar, art craft and cooking. Meanwhile, the“Bupa – WALK FOR MILES” activity is still open for public registration. 

For more information, please visit “Discover Taikoo Place”.
23 May 2019
New Summer Ginseng Reishi Tianjiu Therapy Available for Booking Now

As one of the Chinese Medicine treatments effective in regulating the immune system, Tianjiu Therapy is widely performed on the hottest summer days to prevent potential illnesses. By applying medicated patches on specific acupuncture points, the herbal medicine with warm properties and high-quality Korean ginseng and reishi mushroom in the patches will help invigorate vital energy and enhance circulation, which in turn improves your overall well-being. Appropriate for people with allergic rhinitis, menstrual discomfort, etc. 

Treatment Schedule:
1st treatment: 8-13 July 2019
2nd treatment: 22-27 July 2019
3rd treatment: 5-10 August 2019

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