Summer Ginseng Tianjiu Therapy Available for Booking Now

The epidemic situation in Hong Kong has not yet stabilised, and we are prone to catch more illnesses during seasonal changes. It is necessary to strengthen your immunity and maintain your well-beings before the cold snaps. Tianjiu treatment helps stimulate particular acupoints by applying Chinese medicines with warm and hot properties. The balance of Yin-Yang and immune system in our body can be enhanced and regulated.


Features of “Ginseng” Tianjiu Treatment

Ginseng Patches - With the use of specially formulated patches that contain high-quality Korean ginseng and fresh ginger juice, Tianjiu helps reinforce the vital energy and improve the blood circulation, in order to boost the immune system and body resistance against illnesses in the coming cold season.

Professional Treatment - Administered by experienced registered Chinese medicine practitioners (CMP), the treatment is carried out on designated acupuncture points based on the CMP’s diagnosis regarding the physical characteristics and symptoms of the patients. 

Top quality -For maximal treatment effects and extra safety, best-quality ingredients are used to prepare the uniquely formulated ginseng patches. Scrupulous hygiene practices are emphasized in order to establish a safe and reassuring treatment environment. 

Tianjiu is particularly suitable for people who have allergic rhinitis, airway/tracheal sensitivity, menstrual discomfort, susceptibility to cold, chronic abdominal discomfort and chronic low back pain.


1. A consultation before Tianjiu treatment commences would be carried out by Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner to exclude any contraindication of the treatment.  

2. More persistent preventive or therapeutic effects could be achieved by booster treatment in addition to the ordinary three treatment sessions.  

3. Milder formula is available for people with sensitive skin.

Do you know?

  • Tianjiu is suitable for all ages above 6 years old. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women and people with skin allergy, severe cardiopulmonary insufficiency or diabetes.
  • Avoid having fatty, fried and spicy foods, cold drinks, goose, prawn and crab after applying tianjiu patches.



1st treatment:

13 Jul 2022 to 23 Jul 2022*


2nd treatment:

25 Jul 2022 to 6 Aug 2022*

3rd treatment:

8 Aug 2022 to 31 Aug 2022*



22 Aug 2022 to 31 Aug 2022*


* Please contact individual centre for appointment and enquiries.


eShop Exclusive Offer: $560 for 3 treatments (Original Price:$660)

Please refer to the below centre details for reservation and enquiries or click here shop online.

Booster treatment in addition to the three sessions of treatment can be done to achieve more persistent preventive and/or therapeutic effects. Customer can purchase the booster treatment at special price HK$154 (original price: HK$220). Please feel free to contact our clinic staff within working hours for any enquires.


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