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There are different types of influenza vaccines. How to choose a suitable one?
The circulating seasonal influenza strains may change from time to time, the seasonal influenza vaccine composition is updated every year by the circulating strains to enhance protection. Therefore, it is necessary to get vaccinated against influenza every year.
3 Tips for Storing Your Medications
卓健英國簽證驗身 2022
Get Ready! Book your UK Visa Check-up in advance!
No matter you are bringing your family with you or heading to the UK alone, time is ticking, don’t ever let your check-up process slow you down.
What is Shingles?
Dr. Lau Yue Young, Geoffrey Specialist in Family Medicine
Preventing Chronic Migraine
Dr. Lau Yue Young, Geoffrey Specialist in Family Medicine
Meningococcal Vaccine Q&A
Dr. Law Wai Man General Practitioner
What is asthma?
Get Ready! Stay Safe and Get the Flu Shot Ahead!
Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to prevent seasonal influenza and associated complications, Quality HealthCare will provide 2022/2023 quadrivalent influenza vaccination service.