Government-funded Healthcare Programme 

As one of the largest private healthcare providers in Hong Kong, Quality HealthCare has been committed to supporting the Government’s policy through various public-private partnership programs, which alleviate burden on the public healthcare system by offering quality medical services to the public. 

We offer Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diagnostics & Imaging, Dental, Physiotherapy and Wellness services with extensive services network. We provide the community with the access to healthcare services without having to travel long distance to public hospitals for medical consultation. The waiting time can also be shortened as much as possible.  

In view of the challenges faced by the public health system, the Hong Kong Government  has been actively promoting Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) over the past decade. Quality HealthCare published a report which looks at what makes an effective PPP, reviews Hong Kong’s experience with PPP programmes, and outlines recommendations for two new PPPs - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Common Mental Disorders (CMD), which will potentially help to save billions in hospital acute care costs by 2037.

Read the full report(PDF, 2.2MB).

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