With comprehensive coverage, our corporate services could help to safeguard the health of all your staff. Having understood the importance of appropriate employees programmes in making the staff feel valued and assured, we aim to help you choose or tailor-make the right plans that look after your staff’s well-being in a holistic way, thereby maintaining a healthy workforce. 

Meanwhile, we also offer case management services in order to identify occupational risks and deliver customised rehabilitation programmes to facilitate early return to work after illnesses or injuries. Being a healthcare group with foresight, we do not just provide quality healthcare services to your valued staff, but are also dedicated to promoting general health education and disease prevention in the workplace.


For more details, please call our corporate hotline at 2975 3282 or email to info@qhms.com. 

Our Services includes
Outpatient Services
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To meet the medical needs of each employee of different companies, we offer various medical services and wellness plans for enterprises to safeguard the health of their employees and build a more productive workforce. Sense of belonging and loyalty can also be cultivated by showing them you value and care about each of them.

We provide a wide range of medical services including General Outpatient, Specialist Outpatient, Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diagnostic Investigation/Imaging and Minor Surgeries, etc. We serve the community through a comprehensive network of over 1,500 provider service points throughout all major districts in Hong Kong. This provides holistic, convenient and prompt medical services to every employee.

Moreover, QSmart, an integrated medical scheme for SMEs, enables companies to select suitable protection plans to employees of different grades according to the budgets and needs in order to provide comprehensive protection to the staff.

QSmart Integrated Medical Scheme

• Competitively priced and renewable healthcare plan
• Over 100 medical centres and 200 doctors in all major districts of HK Island, Kowloon and New Territories
• Open to companies with only five employees
• Can cover the family members of employees
• Flexible Package: Employers may select a suitable pre-paid plan according to needs: Basic Plan / Extended Plan / Comprehensive Plan
• Simple, quick application procedures and waiver of medical examination and health declaration for enrollment

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For more details, please call our corporate client service hotline at 2975 3282 or email to qsmart@qhms.com​​

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Check-up & Vaccination Services
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To provide high-quality physical check-up and vaccination services, we have over 30 medical centres throughout Hong Kong, covering different types services that include:

  • Annual Medical Examinations (Including report reviews, referrals, diagnoses and recommendations for further treatment)
  • Pre-employment Check-up Services
  • Vaccination Programmes (Including hepatitis vaccine, flu vaccine, HPV vaccine etc.)

We provide full spectrum of check-up services including blood tests, stool tests, urine tests, X-Ray, ultrasound, treadmill, mammogram, DEXA Scan, MRI, CT Scan, etc.

Depending on the budget and nature of each working industry, our team will provide you with professional consultation service and formulate the health check-up plan that suits you the most, catering the need of different companies. 

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For more details, please call our corporate hotline at 2975 3282 or email to info@qhms.com. 

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Dental Services
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There is increasing demand for dental services. Many companies have, for the sake of the overall health of the employees, taken a step further to include dental services into their medical plans.

Quality HealthCare Dental strives for providing service of the highest standard and efficiency to employees of different industries. Attaining the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification since 2010, we adopt the ISO Quality Management principles for both our clinical and administrative management. Currently, we own 15 Self-owned Dental centres and 70+ Provider Service Points with more than 30 general, specialty or specialist dentists, dental hygienists and dental nurses providing the service you need.

Quality HealthCare Dental provides a full range of services, ranging from general dental service to specialist dental service, ensuring one-stop healthcare dental solutions for every employee.

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For more details, please call our corporate hotline at 2975 3282 or email to info@qhms.com. 

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Corporate Wellness Programme​s
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"Good health is good business". The power of workplace wellness has long been emphasised but often overlooked. It is however a very important factor that helps build employees' sense of belonging to a company.

Our Corporate Wellness programmes give employers a chance to show their care to staff by offering wellness solutions as well as health related educational opportunities. By investing in employee's physical and mental wellbeing, employers are also investing in their health and happiness, eventually leading to a healthier working environment with high staff morale and low turnover rate.  

Through a range of professionally designed activities, health talks, workshops and team challenges, we're here to help make that goal achievable. (Click here to browse the video for more details).    

Understanding that team and company cultures vary, we can tailor our programmes against your needs to create bespoke solutions for your company.   

Services include

Health Talk

Health Lounge

Onsite Vaccination / Blood Test

Wellness Workshop

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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
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An EAP is a confidential service providing professional assistance to employees and their dependents. It includes services in counselling, assessment and referral programmes. EAP deals with a wide spectrum of emotional and behavioural issues that affect employees, from relationships to stress to mood disturbances and anxiety.

According to a study done by Cornell University, the "100 Best" companies found that generous work/life benefits were linked with happier, hard-working employees. EAP can also assist an organisation and its employees to overcome the challenges initiated by crisis and critical incidents. Quality HealthCare strives to provide every possible healthcare and wellness service for the people of Hong Kong.  Click here to learn more.

Details of the Employee Assistance Programme:

• An EAP orientation session will be arranged on site once the company has joined the programme.

• A workshop on how to fully utilise the EAP is available for supervisors and senior management.

• The 24/7 confidential hotline is available for employees of companies who have joined the programme.

• Services provided by the hotline include: Crisis intervention; emotional support during a crisis; telephone  counselling and appointment booking.

• Individual and group career coaching services for executives and managers are also available.

• Our mental health professionals are clinically trained to handle crisis in a caring and safe way.


• Contact between an EAP professional and an employee is considered confidential. Information regarding an employee's use of the EAP may not be shared with any other party unless the employee provides written permission.

• The EAP counsellor is required to keep client information private as governed by the appropriate laws of Hong Kong and regulated by the professional ethics of the counsellors' membership association.

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For more details, please call our corporate hotline at 2975 3282 or email to info@qhms.com. 

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Third Party Administration (TPA)
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For large companies with hundreds or even thousands of staff, managing the paperwork associated with a major medical and healthcare plan and handling all the claims and details can be a heavy burden. Fortunately, we can take the load off your shoulders. As one of Hong Kong's most well-established medical Third Party Administration (TPA) providers, our independent, professional team can take all that administration weight off your shoulder.

Our TPA services include:

• Eligibility checking and chit processing
• Account analysis
• Medical claims
• Urgent hospital admission
• 24-hour customer hotline for medical inquiries (supported by professional team of registered nurses and medical practitioners)

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For more details, please call our corporate hotline at 2975 3282 or email to info@qhms.com. 

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