Quality HealthCare Traditional Chinese Medicine provides modern, reliable and convenient Chinese medicine services. At our conveniently located centres, experienced practitioners, some with over 40 years worth of clinical experience, provide comprehensive medical services and traditional care.

We offer a range of services including internal medicine; bone-setting; acupuncture and tianjiu therapy. We also provide herbal brewing service that is suitable for our busy local residents. With this service the medicine is brewed and prepared for you and can be delivered to your office or a Medical Centre of your choice.

Internal Medicine
TCM practitioner feeling a patient's wrist

Chinese medicine practitioners use traditional theoretical systems, diagnostic methods, prescriptions and herbal drugs to diagnose and treat for different diseases.


Arm being wrapped in a bandage

Through massage and external application of Chinese herbs, relief is provided for many bone and joint disorders, such as sprains, fractures, lumbago, and soft tissue and ligament injuries.

Brewing and Courier Service
Traditional Chinese medicine packets

User-friendly herbal packs are prepared using modernised automatic brewing machines. We can courier herbal packs to patients’ offices or a medical centre of your choice. We also offer concentrated Chinese medicine granules as alternative for treatment at customer’s choice.


Paediatric Tuina Massage
Mother holding baby to her forehead

Paediatric tuina therapy refers to all massage and manipulation techniques applied on acupuncture points in child. It helps relieve colds, influenza, nasal sensitivity/allergic rhinitis, dyspepsia, anorexia, vomiting, indigestion, sporadic diarrhoea, constipation, sleep disorder, enuresis and stunted growth. This therapy is simple and convenient with wide range of application and no chemical side effects. It is suitable for any child aged 3 months or older. Click here for more information.

Acupuncture to the hand

This external procedure treats pain or diseases by inserting the tips of needles at specific acupuncture points on the skin.

Cupping Glass
TCM practitioner applying cupping jars to a patient's back

Using a glass vessel in which the air has been exhausted using heat or a special suction apparatus, it is formerly applied on the skin to draw blood to the skin surface for remedial purposes.

Tianjiu treatment patches on a patient's back

Practitioners carry out the treatments on the three hottest and coldest days every year to improve the immune system and aid the prevention of contracting different diseases. Click here for more information.


Dark Circle Diminishing
Woman receiving acupuncture to the face

The Eye Beauty Treatment of Quality HealthCare combines acupuncture therapy around eyes with Chinese medicine and ear acupuncture therapy to improve the blood circulation around eyes and regulate the functions of inner organs. Our registered TCM practitioners will also customise therapies according to the actual conditions of the patient based on diagnosis for better effects. Click here for more information.