QHMS objectives

We are one of the leading primary healthcare providers in Hong Kong, committed to becoming a trusted healthcare partner for corporates and the public in Hong Kong.


Our purpose is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world.

A trusted healthcare partner

Our medical heritage in Hong Kong can be traced back to 1868. From the establishment of Drs Anderson & Partners, to Quality HealthCare in 1998, we’ve been continuously providing healthcare services for more than 150 years. 


Today, we have become one of the largest private healthcare providers in Hong Kong. Around one in ten Hong Kong people have used our services.   


Our “Quality HealthCare – 150 Years of Caring” year book has recorded the path we have walked and our healthcare stories.

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Extensive network

Our operations span diagnostics, primary healthcare and day care specialties. We offer Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diagnostics & Imaging, Dental, Physiotherapy, Mental Health and Wellness services.


We serve Hong Kong citizens and visitors through a network of over 1,400 provider service points in Hong Kong, including over 100 Quality HealthCare multi-specialty medical centres and other affiliated clinics. 


We also operate a private nursing agency and Bupa medical centres and dental centres in Hong Kong.

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Joining Bupa, the international healthcare company

We became part of Bupa, the international healthcare company, in October 2013.


Bupa’s specialised healthcare services worldwide brings us the international expertise and resources to make quality healthcare more accessible and a better experience for our customers.

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An industry recognised brand
Over 150 years of caring
Dr. Anderson & Partners 1868
The Hong Kong government appointed its first port health officer, leading to the establishment of Drs. Andreson & Partners. This medical partnership pioneered contract medicine services and developed an excellent reputation that still exists today.
Dr. Henry Lee 1957
Dr. Henry Lee opened his general practice and soon branched out into corporate medical services.
Kathleen Courtney 1975
Kathleen Courtney established International Private Nursing Service, now known as the Quality HealthCare Nursing Agency.
Hong Kong Stock Exchange 1998
Qualtiy HealthCare Asia Limited was founded and listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The same year, the group acquired Drs. Anderson & Partners and Dr. Henry Lee & Associates.
Quality HealthCare clinic 1999
Quality HealthCare acquired Allied Medical Practices Guild and opened its first Chinese medicine clinic in association with Hong Kong Baptist University.