Information Statement in relation to the Electronic Health Record Sharing System


Developed by the Hong Kong Government, the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (“eHealth”) provides an electronic platform that aims to build up free and lifelong electronic health records for all members of the public. The participation is voluntary. Before giving the joining consent and/or sharing consent, please read carefully the “Participant Information Notice” issued by the Commissioner for the Electronic Health Record (“Commissioner”). You may also refer to the eHealth’s website ( and/or eHealth App for further details.       

This information statement is intended to ensure that patients are informed about the kinds of electronic health records that will be shared by Quality HealthCare Medical Centre Limited (including its clinics and operating entities at different service locations with eHealth registered healthcare provider number: 9265486345, “QHC”) to assist continuity of healthcare. Participating healthcare providers can only view and upload patient’s medical records after the patients have given sharing consent, in the form and manner specified by the Commissioner.       

Scope of electronic health record sharable data: After we have obtained the patient’s sharing consent, we will upload electronic health records that are dated on and after the effective date of upload as mentioned below to eHealth. We will update this information statement regularly to provide information of the scope of electronic health record sharable data of our service locations.

Electronic health record Effective date of upload to eHealth*
1. Patient’s identification 18 September 2023*
2. Encounters / appointments 18 September 2023*
3. Allergies Mid-October 2023
4. Dispensing records 18 September 2023*
5. Immunisation records 3 October 2023

*Quality HealthCare Medical Centre (Sha Tin Wai MTR Station) has the effective date of upload on 11 September 2023.

The scope of sharable electronic health record is subject to review and update. The patient’s joining consent and sharing consent will remain operative and valid. You can also view the scope of sharable electronic health record at eHealth website as regards information related to participating healthcare providers. Filtering information uploaded to the eHealth according to patient's request is currently not available in eHealth.

Update and/or withdrawal of sharing consent: Patients can update and/or withdraw the sharing consent at any time. For example, via the eHealth patient hotline at 3467 6300, with the access key issued by eHealth to you. For details, please refer to eHealth’s website and/or eHealth App. Patients may wish to seek professional medical opinion in relation to the implications of withdrawing consent.