Suitable Time for Administering Tianjiu Therapy

TCM practitioners believe that seasonal and climatic changes can help alleviate certain illnesses. Hence, Tianjiu is actually a comprehensive application of TCM meridian and acupoint theory at the right times. By leveraging the benefits of suitable timing, not only can the diseases be cured, but the body can also be strengthened. The theories of TCM emphasize the so-called "Harmony of Man and Nature", which suggests that the human body is closely connected to the earth and the environment. Therefore, Tianjiu therapy can bring about the best results by combining the weather factors and suitable timing.

The treatment courses for Tianjiu therapy usually last for three years, in which the TCM practitioners would often conduct the treatment on the three hottest and coldest days in summer and winter respectively. Based on the characteristics of these two critical periods and the diseases to be prevented, patches containing grinded Chinese herbs are affixed on specific acupoints of the body. As most of the herbs used in Tianjiu are highly irritating, the heat generated by the drugs will penetrate the skin for the body to absorb and stimulate the acupuncture points while regulating the meridian circulation. Once the purposes of enhancing immunity and disease prevention have been achieved, those diseases that are prevalent during winter can be prevented.

The Application of Tianjiu Therapy

In general, Tianjiu therapy has relative better effects on diseases that are aggravated by seasonal and climatic changes. The therapy is suitable for people with weak physical fitness, especially those who suffer from long term asthma, chronic bronchitis, nasal allergy, and those who are susceptible to influenza. However, patients with fever, pregnant women, patients with malignant tumors, patients with active tuberculosis, patients with diseases of the hepatic, renal or hematopoietic system, and those whose skin is particularly sensitive to the herbs or plaster tapes are not suitable for receiving Tianjiu therapy. The medicine used in the therapy includes those pure traditional Chinese herbs that use heat to help strengthen the Yang in the body, such as asarum, Pinellia ternata, cinnamon, ginger powder, white mustard seeds and other herbs. These herbs are grinded into powder and applied onto the relevant acupoints for 2 to 4 hours. The therapy is applicable for people who are prone to colds, dysmenorrhea, with weak digestive system, asthma, and suffer from long-term coughs. Although Tianjiu is suitable for all ages over 3 years old, people with sensitive skin, pregnant women, and diabetic patients should not undergo the therapy. Generally speaking, patients can take a shower after removing the Tianjiu plasters for more than 2 hours. In order not to interfere with the effects of the treatment, fried foods, geese, shrimps and crabs, spicy foods, and cold drinks should be avoided within 3 days following the Tianjiu therapy.

Last Updated: Aug 2017
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