Our physiotherapists specialise in the following areas: Manipulative Therapy, Women's Health, Acupuncture, Sports Injury Management; Occupational Health and Safety, Preventive Screening and Management, and Shockwave Therapy.

20+ Physiotherapists

10+ Physiotherapy Centres



Manipulative Therapy

Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions using kneading and manipulation to relieve pain and treat disabilities.



Very fine needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points in the body to stimulate pain relief and muscle mobility.


Women's Health

Assist women with incontinence issues, helping to restore daily activity and regain confidence. Pelvic floor exercises and training are used particularly in antenatal and postnatal care.


Sports Injury Management

Provide an on-field physiotherapy service for athletes on acute injury care and offer advice to clients on prevention techniques and proper management following sports injuries.


Occupational Health and Safety

Our series of programmes progress from Recovery Programme, Work Hardening Programme and Return to Work Phase Programme are designed by a dedicated case manager who provides work-specific advice.


Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is a new and highly effective treatment used to treat chronic and painful musculoskeletal conditions. It uses high energy acoustic sound waves to break down scar tissue and aid new tissue growth.


Preventive Screening and Management

Provide early detection of spinal abnormalities to aid intervention and professional guidance for areas of concern.


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