Mental Health


Speaking of health, most people think of its physical side and overlook mental wellness. World Health Organization stated that “health” is closely related to physical, mental, and social well-being. Some European and American scholars even noted that there should be five aspects of “health”, including physiological, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and social health*. From these, we can see the importance of body-mind-spirit well-being to personal health. The three components are closely knitted together; if they are balanced, “Total Wellness” is achieved.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Causes of mental health issues usually are related to interpersonal relations, family & baby care, alcoholism & drugs, spending & gambling, work pressure, death of pets and chronic insomnia etc. And the common symptoms are:
- Tendency of depression, irritation or anxiety 

- Low moods and lack of motivation 

- Tiredness and decreased concentration 

- Poor self-image and lack of confidence 

- Negative views of the future 

- Thoughts of self-harm or suicide 

- Frequent loss or low quality of sleep 

- Excessive eating or loss of appetite

We provide counselling and psychotherapy service to help you overcome challenges and strive for “Total Wellness”:



Counselling enables our clients to better cope with life’s difficulties by providing educational support to address different issues. Our Counsellors help deal with problems in a strategic way through social, personal, career and emotional development whilst advising on ways to live healthy and fulfilled lives.



Psychotherapy is a form of treatment where a psychologist establishes a relationship with an individual to address and modify self-defeating patterns of behaviour and promote positive personality growth and development. Most people come to therapy because approaches which have served them in the past are no longer working.

Individuals seeking these services can be either self-referred or be referred by doctors. We welcome individuals from different backgrounds – age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious and socio-economic.

Understanding the sensitive nature and personal topics that are discussed during counselling, we ensure that strict confidentiality is upheld and maintained. A trusting and supportive environment is developed so clients can feel safe and relaxed to share their concerns.​​

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

An EAP is a confidential service providing professional assistance to employees and their dependents. It includes services in counselling, assessment and referral programmes. EAP deals with a wide spectrum of emotional and behavioural issues that affect employees, from relationships to stress to mood disturbances and anxiety.

According to a study done by Cornell University, the "100 Best" companies found that generous work/life benefits were linked with happier, hard-working employees. EAP can also assist an organisation and its employees to overcome the challenges initiated by crises and critical incidents. Quality HealthCare strives to provide every possible healthcare and wellness service for the people of Hong Kong.

Details of the Employee Assistance Programme

  • An EAP orientation session will be arranged on site once the company has joined the programme.
  • A workshop on how to fully utilise the EAP is available for supervisors and senior management.
  • The 24/7 confidential hotline is available for employees of companies who have joined the programme.
  • Services provided by the hotline include: Crisis intervention; emotional support during a crisis; telephone counselling and appointment booking.
  • Individual and group career coaching services for executives and managers are also available.
  • Our mental health professionals are clinically trained to handle crises in a caring and safe way.


  • Contact between an EAP professional and an employee is considered confidential. Information regarding an employee's use of the EAP may not be shared with any other party unless the employee provides written permission.
  • The EAP counsellor is required to keep client information private as governed by the appropriate laws of Hong Kong and regulated by the professional ethics of the counsellors’ membership association.
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