Naked baby lying on its stomach with head raised

Paediatrics is a branch of modern medicine, serving infants, children and adolescents under 18 years of age. Paediatrics, which is quite different from the medical services for adults, focuses more on congenital disorders, gene mutations, and children's growth and development.


Since children's bodies have not yet fully developed and matured, the medication prescribed by Paediatric specialists is different from that of adults. The services provided by Quality HealthCare's Paediatric specialists are capable of making comprehensive diagnosis and assessment of various paediatric diseases, including respiratory infections, gastroenteritis, skin rashes, allergic diseases, sprains, cuts and developmental problems. Moreover, our specialists will carefully prescribe medication according to the young patients’ conditions, taking care of the children's health attentively.


In addition, Quality HealthCare's Paediatric specialists also provide infants with regular check-ups, vaccinations and preventive healthcare services, and comprehensively track the growth and development of the children to ensure their physical and mental health. Meanwhile, they will also assist the parents in taking care of their children's developmental needs.


Children's physical and mental health has a profound impact on growth. Therefore, it is recommended to seek medical attention once any health problem is discovered.

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