Family Medicine

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The Family Medicine specialty focuses on disease prevention and health care, taking care of patients' physical, psychological and social needs. It serves people of any age and any gender, with any disease of any body part.


The Family Medicine specialty is also devoted to the continuous care of patients and aims to establish long-term relationships with them for giving patients comprehensive medical services. In addition to diagnosis, the family doctor will pay attention to the patient’s mental health and consider the impact of the disease on his/ or her life and interpersonal relationship, including his or/ her needs in the physical, social, work, family and emotional aspects. Meanwhile, the Family Medicine specialty is responsible for offering preventive and predictive medical advice, as well as keeping medical records for patients and contacting other relevant specialists when necessary.


Quality HealthCare's Family Medicine specialists have always been providing people-oriented medical services, listening to the needs of patients and prescribing medicine that cater to their health in the long-run. With our all-round expertise and clinical experience, we communicate and coordinate with different specialists for referring patients in a timely manner to ensure every one of them can receive appropriate diagnosis and treatment in good hands.

Doctor List

Dr. Chan Kin Ling

General Practitioner