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We perform a range of health certificate examinations for applying different types of Taiwan Visas.


Documents Required for Visa Medical Examination Services

  • Application form (Medical Certificate form)
  • Passport (Original & Copy) - at least six months of validity
  • Hong Kong ID card Vaccination records (Original & Copy)
  • Vaccination Records (Original & Copy)
  • One passport-size photograph with white background, ideally taken within past three months

For applicants under the age of 18 – must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian and they are required to bring 

  • Birth Certificate or legal guardianship letter (Original & Copy)
  • Parent or legal guardian passport/HKID card (original and copy)

Basic Check-up Items

On the day of the examination, depending on your Health certificate type you may need one or more of the following:

  • Blood test (Fasting NOT required)
  • Measles and Rubella antibody blood tests may be needed if you do not have an original vaccination card or your last MMR vaccine was more than 15 years ago
  • Chest X-ray if aged 12 or above
  • Stool test depending on your country of origin (Hong Kong residents are not required to have this test)


Vaccination Requirement

The Taiwan CDC needs

  • MMR vaccination record with 2 doses and the last dose shall be within the past 15 years OR
  • Record of proof of positive Measles and Rubella IgG antibody test within past 5 years


Report Turnaround time

Around 14 working days (doctor may delay signing the medical report for any incomplete check-up items or vaccination records)


Useful Links

FAQs of Visa Medical Examination Services

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